Recent Surfing

So when I got my camera I focused on Surf photos of my brothers and Friends. I don’t really trust other people with my camera. Like my own brother has to have me next to him for me to allow him to use it. Unfortunately that means he wont be taking any photos of me surfing till i allow him to use it without me. 

On the other hand, in my area their are many other great surf photographers that get photos of me. Sometimes, you can see the photographer on the beach when your surfing and you can tell who each one is. Other times when you see a photographer you can get nervous and fall. (this happens alot) 

I think this would be my fav pic of the year. so far. 
Even if im not to the nose yet and if its my old board. I enjoy this one because it reminds me of the process I went through surfing. In my mind that makes sense.

A new thing that has happened is I got a sun screen sponsor. Its called White Pelican Organics.

You can visit their site here. You can also use my discount code for 10 percent off any of their products – londyn10 

White Pelican is 

we are a community of surfers, fishermen, paddlers, and everyday beachgoers. Through our experiences, we’ve seen the negative long-lasting damage that harmful chemical sunscreens cause to us personally, and to our environment. After doing extensive research, we began formulating our own recipe to protect our friends and family. Our goal during this process was to develop an all natural, organic sunscreen specifically designed for people with sensitive skin, while ensuring every ingredient used would be equally as safe for our environment. White Pelican is more than a healthy sunscreen company. We’re a community of people who believe in doing what you love, helping others, and using eco-friendly, natural sunscreen for your everyday adventure.

But yeah they are a great group of people. 

A few months ago, I went to NC and surfed in the ESA Eastern comp and got third in my heat. The waves where – good – We all had alot f fun and I met alot of the ESA chicks and hung out with them the whole time.  

In all I have had a wonderful year because of surfing!


Recent Surfing Update thing

I haven’t been on recently but i have gotten a new camera!

Here are some photos I took.

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I have been working on my photography and even created a Surf Photography account on Instagram


So far its got about 100 followers so that’s exciting!

This weekend their is a surf contest in Melbourne Beach FL, called the Pro Eco surf fest! I will hopefully be their to get photos of the contest. I will also be supporting many friends that are competing.

My Photography is not all about surfing, I will be getting photos within the next month of the mountains. I am going to a cabin in GA with my family and cant wait. Its gonna be cold and my Florida clothes will not be enough to keep me warm but we will see how it goes when we get their.


Photography is something I want to do for my whole life. Who knows what i’m gonna do with my life in the future but I know for sure that I will surf and take many photos. Taking the perfect photos is not just fun and all but, its an opportunity to show people what I love. Weather it’s surfing or the thrill of going to magnificent (wow spelt that right first time) places and exploring. Yeah most people want to make what they love their job and I have began to noticed how hard that can be with all the expectations and changes in how people see things. Even though I want to share my passion for photography with everyone. I have so many ideas for photos but i’m just a child I cant go everywhere so i’m just gonna dream for now. Here are a few out of many photos I have taken over the year!

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I want you guys to follow your dreams and do your best!

~Londyn North

Is the Longboard, the choice for you?

Here are some ways to tell if Longboarding is best for you.

1. is it 2ft & Rolling: Wave conditions are one of the best reasons to ride a specific type of board.  Sometimes the only waves you have access to are small, slow and long.  If, most of your sessions happen at San O, Waikiki or at a small point break in Western Oz where the waves don’t pack a punch, a longboard is a good option to consider.  The fact is, small waves like big boards.  The extra flotation and paddle power that come with a big board make it easier to catch them, the extra weight helps you to carry your momentum as you glide and the lower rocker lets you plane even when going in a straight line.  There are other types of boards that will work well in small conditions also, but the longboard is always a solid choice when its small, rolling or mushy. 

Of course this isn’t to say that these are the only conditions a longboard will work in.  A lot of guys will take out their longboards in OH+ waves at certain breaks.  Guys have even ridden longboards at places like Pipeline (see the movie Singlefin Yellow).  But at the end of the day, because the waves are the variable we don’t have control over, the question is not usually “what waves do I want to take this board on” but rather, “what board do I want to take out in these waves.”

2. Noseriding: The singlemost differentiating element about riding longboards is the front 1/3 of the board.  On most surfboards the front part is not used much.  At best it is used for its entry rocker, at worst it is only cosmetic and sometimes only to display stickers.  But on longboards, you can walk up there are camp, spending 50% or more of your time dangling your toes. 

Along with the noseride is the element of cross stepping and footwork.  Longboarders get to walk to the front and back throughout the ride, adding a new element of movement to the surfing experience.  If you are interested in experiencing a new element to surfing, the only way to access these styles is on a longboard.


3. Increase The Number of Rideable Days: At the heart of the great joy and frustration of surfing is the variance in wave conditions.  For the most part, it is out of our control.  Sometimes the waves are pumping and we have commitments and other times we have all the time in the world and it is flat for weeks.  Having a longboard in your quiver helps ensure that you will be able to have fun in the water on more days of the year.


A day that is 4ft and glassy will be fun on almost any type of board, but with a longboard you can have a fun session in conditions that are 1ft and crumbly.  It would be pretty hard to do this on any other type of board.  So now instead of only being able to get out and surf the 200 days a year where is is 3ft+ you will be able to also make use of the 100 days where it is under 3ft.  Diversity in your quiver is the number one way to increase your surfing fun.  A longboard is an essential part of a diverse quiver.


4. Increased Wave Count: Take this with a grain of salt.  I don’t mean to say it is alright to be a wave hog because you are on a longboard, but what is true is that you can catch more waves.  If you are an advanced surfer, you can probably catch any wave you want on any board you are on.  If you aren’t, a longboard will help make sure you get plenty of standing time.  If you happen to find a beach with no one out, you can literally spend a whole sessions doing turn and burns, paddling out, turning back and riding one in.  Its a great workout and can charge up your stoke meter even if you don’t have a ton of time to surf. 


It is well known that longboards are great for beginners and that is because of the ease of catching waves on one.  But even for the intermediate surfers, longboards help ensure you get a decent amount of waves.  The more waves you catch, the better you will understand how waves form and break, which will come in handy if you switch down to a smaller board.  To make sure you aren’t being a hog, sit a bit further out, so you catch the waves earlier and make sure to let plenty roll through.  With great power comes great responsibility.


5. Longboarding is More Relaxing: The word that comes to mind is glide.  Longboards have a certain grace to them.  Since the board is bigger, it won’t move around as quickly and so your motions have to be more drawn out.  Most longboards make wide sweeping turns and gracefully walk the nose. (Then there is the Blackies crowd…) 

Longboaring can be a nice way to relax, score a few waves and get some sun.  Its easier to share waves and since most guys get the waves they paddle for, there aren’t many paddle battles for the peak.  If what you are looking for is a nice calm stress reliever, longboarding might be for you.


Conclusion: When buying a surfboard you should make sure the board will be a good fit for your surfing.  Some people enjoy surfing shortboards, but you might have a few reasons that tip the scales towards longboards.  If the waves around you tend to be small, if you’re looking to surf often and have a relaxing time doing so or if the noseride looks appealing, you might want to consider longboarding.


You might even just want to think about getting a longbaord as a sometimes board.  There is nothing that says you can’t ride a few different types of boards.  In fact, having a diverse quiver is one of the smartest ways to build.  When one style of surfing gets stale, you can switch to another for a while so that it is always fresh and exciting.  Don’t feel presured to ride one type of board rather than another because it seems cool.  Surfing is about having fun and being on a good board for you is the first step to having fun.

(pics not mine)

Quick Update

Yeah it has been a while since I last posted. I have been very busy with school I did exams before winter break and now i’m doing even more. Plus, I am watching the WSL QS and dreaming that I could one day be competing in the WSL. That would be great! I haven’t been surfing much so I train/practices as much as I can on land. I’m not surfing much because it is so cold and the waves are mushy one day and small the next. You know how it is. Our summer swell was much better than the winter this year. Can’t wait for some warmth and less exams so I can get back in the ocean. My old board has so many dings on it and I cant repair them when its cold and their is no sun. I can easily take it to the Ding Kind but it would cost so much. This blog seems very confusing and out of order but that’s how its gotta be. By the way i’m the new female LB ESA champion in my area!! when its warmer i’m gonna be competing against many other girls my age to become first in all of Florida in the ESA. Lets see how that goes!?! Hope to surf soon! Cya!


High Preformence V.S. Old School(traditional)

Longboards come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes but the most part a longboard is either a traditional longboard of a high performance longboard. We will discuss the differences and help you decide what kind of longboard you should ride.

Traditional longboards are currently in vogue and don’t show any signs of going out of style.

Most the longboards you see in movies or the cool retro kids getting serious tip time on down at the nearby point are traditional longboards. These shapes are based on Nuuhiwa, Velzy and Hobie templates that have been tested on longboards for almost as long as surfing has been on the worlds radar.  As well as taking inspiration from the outlines of 40+ year old boards, traditional longboards must have 50/50 rails and only have one large fin in the middle. More often than not traditional longboards will be glassed with a heavier volan and have a thicker wood stringer or even multiple stringers.

The feeling of riding a traditional longboard is one of glide and ease. A good longboard in a traditional sense will make trimming, or moving at the speed of the wave, incredibly easy. A traditional longboard will cut across the face of the wave in long straight lines. This trim is what makes traditional longboards especially good for nose riding. The right amount of speed down the line, drag in the tail and placement on the wave will create a counter balance of forces that allows you to perch on the nose without any fear of pearling(digging the front of your board and going splat!). The design of a traditional longboard translates to a board that rides so fun and smooth people dedicate their whole surfing experience to only riding these particular boards.

Joel Tudor rides retro longboard shapes and thinks that you should too. As the most recognizable evangelist of traditional longboard style Joel has been very vocal on how longboards should be ridden and what type of longboards are acceptable to be ridden. Joel even created a whole contest serious, called the Duct Tape Invitational, that is considered the pinnacle of current longboarding and is based around riding traditional longboards. The rules for these contests openly state that the only way into the contest is to ride a traditional longboard.

If you want to piss off Joel Tudor, make rail turns in the pocket or spent time longboarding in the 90’s when experimenting with longboard design made a comeback then we suggest you ride a modern high performance longboard. High performance longboards typically have more curve through out the whole board both in rocker and outline. They also can contain multiple fin set ups; most commonly a try fin set up. The biggest improvement in a high performance longboards is the advanced and varied rail blending that allows more controlled and aggressive turns to be made.

High performance longboards let dudes who are used to riding shortboards catch more waves and stay a float on the waves when wave sizes drop. Any type of surfing you can do on a shortboard you can do on a high performance longboard. People even do rodeo flips on high performance longboards. On top of radical tail turns, airs, floaters and barrels a modern longboard will still noseride. That being said a high performance longboard is more prone to tail release when nose riding and does have a different feel when hanging ten than a traditional longboard. A lot of times you will see traditional long boarders pop the tail out while nose riding and go straight in a 360 while still standing on the nose – shits cray! ..and making a comeback.

Novice long boarders will appreciate the forgiving features of a high performance longboard. The extra flip in the nose and a more progressive rail stop the board from biting into the wave and bucking the unsuspecting surfer off.

What type of longboard board should you ride? We would suggest both types. The feeling of a traditional longboard is so different from that of a high performance longboard they are almost incomparable. If you are down at your local point and its knee high grab a big heavy nose and trim you life away. If you are rocking up to some beach break that looks a little weak, a little to packed with grommets and like a little extra float will keep you ripping grab your high-pro-shred-log and stack a couple of the top. 

I honestly surf the more High performance style!!

I recommend you check out some boards by COS if your into the more traditional style of long boarding. They are great at shaping and their artwork is great!

Info from- Wavetools and Me

~Londyn North℘

No pics today


Why I Long Board

I was asked not to long ago why did I start to long board. I Had a response in my head but just didn’t want to tell so I said because it is fun. What I wanted to say is that Long Boarding is so much more than fun. Its a way of relaxing and thinking as your out past the crashing waves on the inside with others. It’s also a way I am different from my brothers, they don’t long board and, so I choose to. with my older brother he surfs all the time and when I was on my short board, I felt small and like I sucked so I decided to do something that makes me noticed by other people, Hayden got sponsored for Short Boarding and there is a chance I am for LB so I am working hard and doing my best to get noticed. I hope this all makes sense to you guys.


Therefore, I long board because I’m good at it and it’s a way of relaxing and getting my thoughts together. When I LB I meet so many new people and I learn new things about surfing. People think LB is so much easier than short boarding but it’s not too easy, you have to move a “20 pound+” board and walk to the nose of a 9’2’’ board and stay on it. Think about it sometimes it’s not so easy. The point is that I love Long Boarding and that it’s a way for me to be different from others and that I have a lot to learn.

~Londyn North℘

Last weekend and this weekend!!

Last weekend I has an ESA surf comp and it was super fun. I went up against PIPER AUSTIN!! Sort of, they combined our heats so it would save time but we where scored differently. If you don’t know who Piper Austin is she is really  pretty and a VERY talented surfer. But in short I won and had a great time last weekend.

*don’t have pictures yet*

Sorry I haven’t blogged sooner I have been super busy with school and practicing for this weekend. When I was writing this I thought “wow I must be pretty boring” But whatever if people want to read this the can. So this weekend is a comp called Wave Masters witch happens once a year and is pretty big. I was not going to do it at first because it didn’t come to mind but then my surfing buddy (Kelly) brought it up and I decided to do it. I was going to ask my dad to take me to her office and sign up but then we get a call from Kelly’s boss. He called about sponsoring me for this event witch I still have no idea what that means. In short they want me to compete and i’m getting really nervous so i have been practicing my behind off all week and yeah lets see how this plays off.

image below is from Void Live Mag 

I’m getting excited. I cant surf today i have so much school work ugh, I’ll do that and you have a great day

~Londyn North℘


This weekend is going to be awesome!!

Normally every month I have a surf contest for the local ESA. Its totally different this weekend because they split up the guys and the girls into separate divisions. The difference is that their are no girls competing this month so they are combining me with the boys and its going to be fun!! Surfing is a sport that I enjoy. At first I didn’t want to compete because in my mind competing would have made it less fun but, when I started to compete, I noticed that it has changed me. Competing has changed me for the better because, now it shows me what I can improve on and it gives me something else to look forward to. Wow I got a little side tracked. When I get ready for a contest I get hyped. This weekend its going to be different because i’m going up against two guys that are realllllllllyyyyyy good. this makes me excited because one of them is a really good friend of mine. In conclusion I am excited to compete with people who are better than me so that I can learn.

here are pictures from my last competitions

Yep I had to add my brother in their! we both got first so we where both pretty excited. 

                This is true ^^^^^^^

~Londyn North

My skoolie

Have you ever seen a colorful school bus drive by? Well when I was evacuating for hurricane Mathew we could not find a place to stay so we slept in the car at a beach. (That was not fun) We had talked about getting a school bus before with our friends but when the hurricane we decided to turn it into reality. We got a long flat nose school bus! After that me and my family went right on to making it. we built a bathroom, floors, beds, and also a rooftop deck, last but not least we put a massive box under (the engine is in the back of the bus so the bottom of the bus has so much room) for all of our surfboards and, paddle boards.  

After the bus was almost complete we went on a surf trip not far from home and it was much cooler than staying in a hotel. We surfed day and night at so many places (sadly not good for long boarding) and then we met up with some other friends in their bus to hang out with. The next trip we had problems with it over heating in the traffic of 4th of July. So we got scared because the next trip we planned was totally different. WE WENT TO THE MOUNTAINS!!!!! it was so scary with the bus curving around steep drops and trees. It was fun though we net up with family, went hiking, etc.  

Cant wait for more exciting adventures!!!!!!


~Londyn North℘

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